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Super Switch Headz brings you the latest Nintendo news, rumors, speculation, and hype! In every episode your hosts David Howe, Patrick Knisely, Matthew Stoner, and special guests discuss and explore the world of Nintendo.

Special Guests + Community

Industrial professionals, game developers, and friends of the podcast join us most weeks to discuss the topic of the week. We are the official podcast of the Switch Headz Discord and Facebook groups so come follow news, share your gaming experiences, and talk all things Nintendo.

Switch Headz Hosts

David Howe

David Howe is a comedian, filmmaker, and lifelong gamer living in Austin.  He directed the movie Call Me Brother and is an editor for Powerhouse Animation working on Castlevania & Masters of the Universe.  He’s put over 2000 hours into The Binding of Isaac, which he thinks is supposed to be impressive for some reason.

Matthew Stoner

Matthew Stoner is a writer, comedian and enthusiastic gamer.  You can see his name in the credits of MX vs. ATV Unleashed, NHRA Drag Racing: Countdown to the Championship, Ratatouille, and other games no one really played.

Patrick Knisely

Patrick Knisely is a writer, performer, and dad gamer. Patrick has produced plays, written (unsold) TV pilots, acted in a variety of projects, and had a weekly comedy show in Austin for five years. He’s best known for being able to beat his brothers in Street Fighter II on the SNES without looking at the screen.

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